About Streemster


Streemster is a platform which provides its users with a secure and robust way to engage with each other and deliver content of value to Sponsors who wish to subscribe to Creators of high value content published and billed on Streemster.


Streemster has been created to accommodate a growing market of user generated content, which currently only has a limited number of platforms to use to publish. The in house technology and team from Zovolt Ltd are confident that Streemster can create a marketplace that is compliant with civil laws while respecting expression and thought for authentic ideas.

Our aims are to provide a sustainable environment which will be supported and improved with new developments in technology from Zovolt Ltd.

Any person with a good idea and the talent to start and deliver a project will find a subscriber base willing to engage with them.


Streemster allows users to become registered Creators and formulate monthly billing subscriptions known as ‘Tiers’ which can be priced to suit the value of the content delivered. Users can also become Sponsors which means they can subscribe to a Tier monthly subscription of any creator on Streemster.

Learn more by checking our FAQ pages